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K9 Nose Work Everett


K9 Nose Work® in Everett is an activity that involves K9NoseWork® scent detection as an effective outlet for their natural desire to hunt and scent.

Frequently described as a great sniffing sport, K9 Nose Work® in Everett is unique in that it:

  • A place where reactive dogs can feel comfortable in class
  • Works only one dog at a time
  • Always allows the dog to be a winner
  • Is effective for sight & hearing-impaired dogs
  • Is a great and fun sniffing sport

K9 Nose Work® dog training in Everett is a gift to dog kind by its creators Ron Gaunt, Jill O’Brien and Amy Herot that has now spread across the nation.

Call Puget Sound Detection Dogs to make K9 Nose Work® dog training in Everett your dog’s dream come true! 425-551-7035.

Nose work Everett


If you have an interest in the sport of Nose Work in Everett,WA, you will enjoy visiting our facility where we have provided K9 Nose Work® dog training in Everett since 2011.

The owner-master trainer has conducted scent detection in Everett since 1999 evaluating hundreds of canines for work in detection.

As a master trainer, she has trained dogs in Nose Work in Everett and is recognized in the sport as a:

  • Certified K9 Nose Work® Instructor
  • Trial Judge, NACSW
  • NACSW Competitor and Volunteer

If you have conjectured about what it would be like to have a canine trained to search cars, inside buildings and packages, you can learn firsthand with a sport called K9 Nose Work® in Everett.

Call Puget Sound Detection Dogs to learn more about nose work classes in Nose Work in Everett.425-551-7035

Nose work dog training Everett


Nose work dog training in Everett, also known as K9 Nose Work®, is a positive sport activity that mimics the task of working detection dogs to locate a specific scent and communicate its finding to the handler.

While a relatively new sport, nose work dog training in Everett is becoming one of the fastest-growing, low-impact sports for building your dog’s confidence and strengthening the foundation of trust between the dog and handler.

Nose work dog training in Everett is an excellent for all dogs, including beginners of any size, age, breed, or ability.

The owner and master trainer teaches nose work dog training in Everett with the following credentials:

  • NACSW CEU seminars
  • Nose work
  • Detection Dogs
  • Canine behavior modification
  • AKC CGC Evaluator
  • AKC Scentwork classes

Call Puget Sound Detection Dogs today to learn about the challenging activity of K9 Nose Work®in Everett. 425-551-7035

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Everett Nose Work Dog Training