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Small Dogs Rule

Pritamo Kentala shares her life with five dogs. All five of them are little, but only in stature, each a tiny soul with a unique personality that wriggled into her heart. I have judged these wee guys in K9 Nosework multiple times and I have to say it didn’t take long for the cute little buggers to whittle their way into my heart as well.

Surfer is an almost 15 year old Pomeranian rescue that Pritamo flew out from Michigan when he was 1 year old. He was an ill fit for his previous owner, but he has excelled while sharing his life with Pritamo. He has 2 agility championships and has achieved an NW3 title in K9 Nosework making him the first Pomeranian to be awarded that title. Surfer is currently challenged by a condition that causes his head to tilt to one side, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying life and making you smile.

Puppet, a 10 year old Bichon Frise, was also adopted. He developed juvenile cataracts at the age of 3 and as a result lost the sight in one eye. Puppet also has a phobia of leashes instilled by his past life with is previous owner. Pritamo was up to the challenge and put novice and intermediate agility titles on him as well as K9 Nosework titles up to the second level. Puppet was the first Bichon Frise to earn an NW1, the first level in K9 Nosework. He is a very earnest little worker and just when he is not sure he can master the puzzle because of his past he pulls the will out of somewhere in his heart and gets it done. It just makes your heart smile.

Nine year old Nick, the Papillion, is the super type “A” personality of the pack. Nick does everything FAST. Nick was adopted from Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue when he was 2 years old. Rescue knew he would need to be placed in a performance home and he found that with Pritamo, a 20 year veteran of the agility world. She was able to put Excellent level agility titles on Nicky and would have gone on, but K9 Nosework became her new addiction. Nick is currently competing at the 3 rd level of K9 Nosework. Nick works like a big dog trapped in a little body with all the exuberance and flair of a professional detection dog, plus he is absolutely adorable.

Tweet is an 8 year old Phalene (drop-eared Papillion) with the look of a precious stuff animal. He was adopted from the Kitsap Humane Society. Pritamo trained him for agility competition, but never trialed him. I don’t see Tweet work very often, as Pritamo is busy with the other dogs, but the dictionary lacks the words to describe his cute appeal.

Last, but most definitely not least is Buster, the Yorkshire terrier. Buster was adopted from a home that no longer desired to keep him. They had given him no boundaries for his behavior and had not given him proper socialization, but once again Pritamo was ready to provide what Buster needed. It took 2 years of consistent training, even to the point of keeping him on a long line even while in the house. To meet him today or observe him competing in K9 Nosework you wouldn’t know how much work he needed. Love seems to always find a way, doesn’t it?

The fabulous 5, Surfer, Puppet, Tweet, Nick, and Buster, they’re not big, but they each have a personality bigger than the moon and are too cute for words. They are blessed to have found Pritamo to share their life with and I feel blessed in a very special way to have had them come into my life as well.

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